Family-Friendly Earth Day Activities

By Karla Suarez Chevres

We love asynchronous learning at OAO! For Earth Day, join our OAO families out in nature with these educational, nature-based activities!

  1. Plant a tree or garden: Kids can help plant a tree or a garden in their backyard or at a local park. This is a great way to connect with nature and learn about the importance of plants in our environment.
  1. Clean up litter: Organize a litter clean-up event with your child’s school or community group. This can be a fun way to teach kids about the impact of litter on the environment and the importance of keeping our communities clean.
  1. Nature scavenger hunt: Create a nature scavenger hunt for your child and their friends. This can include items like leaves, flowers, and rocks. Encourage kids to explore and appreciate the natural world around them.
  1. Create art with natural materials: Collect leaves, sticks, and other natural materials to create art. This can be a fun and creative way to engage with nature and teach kids about the beauty of the natural world.
  1. Learn about local wildlife: Take a nature walk and observe the wildlife in your area. Encourage kids to research and learn about the different animals they see. This can be a great opportunity to teach kids about the importance of preserving habitats and protecting wildlife.
  1. Reduce waste: Encourage kids to think about ways they can reduce waste in their daily lives. This could include using reusable water bottles, packing a waste-free lunch, or recycling.

Remember, Earth Day is a great opportunity to teach kids about the importance of caring for our planet. By engaging in nature-based activities, we can help inspire the next generation of environmental stewards.