High School

Online High School for Kids

At our online high school, we aim to deliver timely, appropriate, and developmentally sound education for our scholars that will immerse them in western ideals and truths. As with content taught at our younger grade levels, we pride ourselves on teaching wholistic truths, not whitewashed half-truths.   

While in 6th-8th grade, our students are focused on the foundations of oratory and argumentation, both in debates and essays. With that introduction, our online high school scholars are challenged to support and defend their values and beliefs. This teaches critical thinking skills and helps to develop a life-long passion for learning.  

Continued from earlier grades, Optima Academy Online seeks to instill virtue in every online high school lesson. Our scholars practice self-governance, read moral philosophy from great thinkers and discover what being virtuous means within a community.  

In Fall 2023, we are welcoming our inaugural high school class with only ninth grade courses. Each year after, we will open up courses for each new grade up to twelfth grade. Students that take a full course load with us in twelfth grade will receive a high school diploma from us that is certified by the state. 

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