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Welcome to Optima Academy Online High School, a place where academics, socialization, and technology converge to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded education. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our fully accredited courses, meticulously designed to meet state standards while offering flexible pathways that empower students for future opportunities. 

In our dynamic learning environment, students can choose between two engaging course formats. The live option features interactive classes led by licensed teachers, fostering real-time engagement and collaboration. Alternatively, our on-demand option allows students to progress at an individual pace, providing the flexibility needed for personalized learning journeys. Both options integrate virtual reality components, enhancing the overall educational experience. 

At Optima Academy, we recognize the importance of tailoring education to individual aspirations. Students enjoy additional flexibility through a diverse range of course selections, including honors courses, dual enrollment opportunities, and various electives that cater to their unique interests and goals. 

In addition to our robust academic offerings, we provide a robust support system. Our college and career counseling services, coupled with tutoring opportunities, ensure that students receive the guidance and assistance needed to navigate their educational journey successfully. At Optima Academy, we are dedicated to nurturing both academic excellence and personal growth. Welcome to an education that goes beyond the ordinary. 

Dual Enroll at Florida SouthWestern State College

Optima Academy Online is now offering the opportunity for Florida students to hack the cost of college. Eligible students in grades 10-12 can dual enroll at Florida SouthWestern State College for free, earning up to 96 college credits while completing their high school degree. 

Florida SouthWestern State College has more than 3,500 dual enrollment students each year. Students can choose to take FSW courses online or in-person at an FSW campus. Florida SouthernWestern State College offers 25 associate degrees, 6 bachelor’s degrees and 29 career-oriented certificate programs. FSW has a focus on healthcare, business and technology, and it’s accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.  

In the 2020-2021 academic year alone, around $11,229,548 was saved through the completion of 55,063 dual enrollment courses at Florida SouthWestern State College. FSW’s dual enrollment students went on to attend 160 different college and universities around the US and world. Credits from FSW will transfer to any four-year university in the state of Florida and most outside of the state.   

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