Our Approach to Curriculum


​OAO partners with students and families, utilizing our unique blend of time-tested classical instructional design, enduring and robust curriculum, and cutting-edge virtual reality class environments.​

We believe in the power of a virtue-centered education and strive for our students to understand and embrace moral, social, and civic lessons from all aspects of our curriculum.  ​We read great books, discuss challenging ideas and philosophies, we learn root languages (Latin and Greek) and we nurture confident communication across all grade levels.  ​

​We draw the best lessons from 4,000 years of educational tradition to prepare students for the challenges of today and tomorrow, with moral excellence, civic virtue, and intellectual fortitude.  ​

​We believe Aristotle said it best that “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all,” and we exist to educate the whole student – mind and heart.​

A Traditional Classroom

Even in a virtual environment our teachers teach and our students study. A classical classroom prioritizes the authority of the teacher, and therewith his or her expertise and responsibility to deliver it to students. Students are not the passive recipients of knowledge, but active participants in the discussion. This disciplined and orderly environment facilitates attention, focus, and engagement. 

In our classrooms, technology may be a tool, but the teachers model leadership and deliver instruction. We do not entrust the preparation of our next generation of Americans to an adult monitoring the students allegedly “learning” from a computer program.