Fifth Grade

Language Arts

Live: Students will use Great Books focused on a contemporary time period as the base for integrated experiences with reading fluency, comprehension, speaking, listening, and writing. Students will also utilize mentor texts to reinforce their grammar understanding and application.


Live: Students will learn about equivalent numbers, begin to solve problems involving unit conversions and money, learn to classify shapes and measure perimeter, and begin to solve complex problems involving fractions.


Live: Students will learn about energy, how living things use and rely upon it, and about the interdependence of living things in ecosystems.

Social Studies

Live: Dive into American history, from pre-Columbian exploration through westward expansion, with a special look into the beginnings of a market economy in the US.


Live: Students will learn to recognize and interpret specific elements of works of art, apply their knowledge to forming techniques, and finally to connect the study of art to other subjects across the curriculum in meaningful ways.

What is art like in VR? Teaching Art in VR opens so many new possibilities for scholars. A simple lesson about color theory becomes completely immersive in VR. By surrounding the scholars with an environment, they can engage with the content instead of just see it on a screen or book.

Physical Education

On-Demand: Students learn new and important physical skills, develop a habit of fitness activities, and learn to develop a healthy mindset of responsibility and self-respect.