Third Grade

Language Arts

Live: Students will use Great Books focused on the Renaissance and Reformation time periods as the base for integrated experiences with reading fluency, comprehension, speaking, listening, and writing. Students will also engage in rigorous grammar development using mentor texts.


Live: We utilize the Singapore Math Dimensions curriculum which prioritizes the use of manipulatives, hands-on learning, and a progression from concrete to abstract (i.e., from a physical/demonstrable understanding of concepts to an applied, written application). Taught with a blend of group and individual learning opportunities, the course builds foundational number sense and logic skills.


Live: Students will learn about the form and classification of living things, and about the systems they rely on to survive. They will also investigate the physical properties of the universe.

Social Studies

Live: Students will learn about geography and how physical environments shaped history. Also, students will begin to understand the foundations of American political structure and participation.


Live: Students learn to recognize and interpret specific elements of music, apply their knowledge to forming technique, and finally to connect the subject of music to others across the curriculum in meaningful ways.

Physical Education

On-Demand: Students learn new and important physical skills, develop a habit of fitness activities, and learn to develop a healthy mindset of responsibility and self-respect.


Live: Discover the foundations of Latin, from grammar to understanding and translating written and spoken language, this course will prepare students for advanced study in the root language of all modern romance languages