Seventh Grade

Language Arts

Live: Students will refine their written and oral communication, discover poetry and prose of different genres, and will be introduced to research skills to begin informational writing. Through cycles of narrative, argument, and expository writing, students will acquire the academic modes of writing needed for written communication skills.


Live: Students will continue developing number sense to add, subtract, multiply and divide rational numbers, further their study of algebraic concepts using two variable equations, and to solve problems involving 2 and 3 dimensional figures.

Comprehensive Science

Live: Students are introduced to hereditary characteristics and reproductive science, the interdependence of various forms of life, further study in earth science, and continue with their use and application of the scientific method.

Civics and Career Planning

Live: Students will investigate the geography of the United States, discover the foundations, principles, and purposes of the American system of government, and discover the opportunity and obligations of participating in the American political process.

Visual Art

Live: Students will apply critical thinking and evaluation skills to artistic works of their own and others, understand the connection between visual art and other disciplines, develop their own technical skills in visual art creation, and explore and understand new cultures through their artwork.

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Learning Strategies:

Live: Students will master the skills required to problem solve, persevere, research and cite sources correctly, understand context, continuity and change, as well as point of view and meaning from various textual sources.

Physical Education

On-Demand: Students will develop physical skills, lifestyle habits, and cognitive strategies to inform and prepare them for a lifetime of physical fitness.

World Languages

Live and On-Demand: Students will use primary and secondary source Latin poetry and prose to master the fundamentals of Latin grammar, understand spoken and written forms of Latin, and to translate passages on their own.

On-Demand: Students will continue to develop Spanish vocabulary and conversational phrases, and continue to study language tenses and verb conjugations. Students will also learn about Spanish culture and history to better understand the context of the language.