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Computer Science Discoveries Course

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Computer Science Discoveries is an asynchronous and online course that teaches students how to design, build, and deploy their own VR experiences. This course gives students a comprehensive background of spatial computing and computer sciences, as well as an introduction to VR and the Engage spatial computing platform.

Students who complete this self-paced course can earn 3 credit hours at Mississippi State University for PCS 4103 VR Content Creation in addition to earning high school credit.

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VR Field Trips

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Travel back in time to Independence Hall in Philadelphia to learn about the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Discover the magic of space and the first moon landing from a spaceship’s launch pad. With Optima Academy Online’s Virtual Reality Field Trips, learning is not limited or bound by where you can travel by bus or air.

Our VR Field Trips span all grades and subject areas. 10 single-user experiences will be available with new experiences rotating in monthly. With the power to pause, fast-forward, and replay, students can delve deeper into concepts, gaining mastery of key standards.

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