Immersive Learning Field Trips

Optima Academy Online has ‘hacked’ time and space—harnessing the power of virtual reality to make previously impossible learning opportunities just a few clicks away.  Our Immersive Learning Field Trips are fully interactive experiences that allow up to 150 students to engage with educational content in a way like never before.

Students can explore virtual classrooms, museums, and historical landmarks, bringing lessons to life in a way that textbooks simply can’t. Teachers can create customized virtual reality environments that complement their lesson plans and guide students through interactive activities that promote critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving.

Our platform allows for real-time collaboration and communication, allowing students and teachers to interact with each other and with virtual objects in a seamless, intuitive way. And because our platform is fully customizable, it can be tailored to suit the needs of any classroom, regardless of size or subject matter.

What’s Included?

We offer an annual subscription to our VR Field Trips. During your subscription period, you have unlimited access to our VR Field Trips and Tutorial Video. Each of our ten field trips has its own theme, learning experience and adventure. Each experience can be either single- or multi-user with Field Trips rotating monthly. 

Ancient Egypt VR Exploration OptimaEd

Our Students’ Favorite Field Trips

Vikings, Castles and Plagues Oh My!

Experience Medieval Europe like never before begining with a Viking invasion on the shores of 9th-century England followed by a lesson in castle construction. Students are then transported to the throne room of King John in 1215 where they learn about the limits placed on royal authority before traveling to Runnymede for an opportunity to participate in the signing of the Magna Carta. The journey ends in a 14th century Medieval village where students save the community from the bubonic plague.

The Da Vinci Experience

Immerse students in the European Renaissance begining with a self-guided exploratory space introducing scientific advancements, artwork, politics, and philosophy which defined the Renaissance period. Then, learn about Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions before visiting his workshop in 15th century Florence, Italy. There, complete several building challenges. Finally, students travel to a beautiful garden setting to learn about Renaissance art. There, they try their own hand at painting.

When in Rome

This journey begins in Pompeii just as Mt. Vesuvius is beginning to erupt. Students are then transported to a Roman marketplace to learn about the importance of trade in the Roman economy while practicing their own bartering skills. The expedition ends on the topic of government during the Roman Republic and includes a close encounter (or two) with some powerful historical figures.

Explore Ancient Egypt

This fun and interactive lesson allows students to experience firsthand one of the most fascinating parts of ancient Egyptian history: mummies. They will learn about the mummification process and help a kind, but unfortunate mummy who has lost his organs and needs wrapping.

Expedition Everest

Join a team of climbers on an expedition to conquer Mount Everest. From navigating treacherous terrain to collecting vital weather data, you’ll face thrilling scenarios that test your knowledge, decision-making skills, and resilience. Explore the Khumbu
Icefall, repair weather stations, monitor glaciers, and brave the summit push.

Artemis Launch Experience

Embark on an awe-inspiring adventure through the Artemis program, a groundbreaking mission to establish a sustainable colony on the Moon and
explore the vastness of space. Join the astronauts as they navigate the challenges of deep space travel and witness the incredible technology behind the
Artemis missions. From the powerful Space Launch System to the human-rated spacecraft Orion and the lunar station Gateway, get an up-close look at the components that make these missions possible.

Explore Island Town

Explore all four islands on Island Town with this portal adventure. Explorers will seek out portals to the next island through clues provided by the guide. Hours of fun can be had by discovering new ways to island hop using pirate ships, rocks and more.

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