How do I Purchase OAO Products?

Optima Academy Online is proud to offer a selection of products nationwide. Each of our products is available for private purchase (for pricing please fill out the information form on this page) and, in select states, can be purchased with funds from an Education Savings Accounts (ESAs).

Can I Use my ESA to Purchase OAO Products?

OAO has partnered with ClassWallet to accept funds from ESAs in Arizona, North Carolina and New Hampshire.

  • Learn more about the ClassWallet Marketplace here  
  • Learn more about Direct Pay (Pay Vendor) here

For Florida residents, OAO is partnered with Step Up For Students (SUFS). More information can be found here

For Idaho residents more information can be found here

How Much do OAO Products Cost?

Optima Academy Online offers three, six and 12 month subscriptions to our VR Field Trips. We also offer bundles which include a MetaQuest headset along with your choice of subscription length.

In addition, OAO offers a variety of on-demand and live courses from which you can choose to enroll in.

For more information on pricing and registration on VR Field Trips or online courses, please fill out the form above.