Computer Science Discoveries

On-Demand: Computing has become foundational to understanding and engaging in society, and it has tremendous value for every student to learn. The Computer Science Discoveries course provides students with a critical lens for interpreting the world and prepares them to be involved and informed contributors to an ever-more connected world. The course utilizes activities and assignments that are engaging and interactive, and that apply to their day to day lives.Students are asked to collaborate, think critically, and to generate their own questions that can be answered in the scope of the coursework.

HOPE Physical Education

On-Demand: The OptimaEd HOPE course develops healthy behaviors, attitudes, and decision-making paradigms related to student health and fitness. Students will also benefit from classically aligned, virtue-based curricula, weekly instructor-led Socratic Discussions, as well as live tutoring hours each weekday.

In addition to the physical education standards, other standards covered in depth will include: Mental/Social Health, Physical Activity, Components of Physical Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness Planning, Diseases and Disorders, and Health Advocacy

Personal Financial Literacy

On-Demand: The personal Financial Literacy course includes a specific focus on each of the following content areas: Economics, Financial Literacy, Mathematics, economic concepts of scarcity, choice, opportunity cost, and cost/benefit analysis. Several other disciplines (Language Arts, Civics, etc.) are interspersed with the course standards and help make this a truly inter-disciplinary course. The goal for students to have practical, and applicable knowledge is met with a focus on economic decision-making and real-life scenarios using realistic data.

The primary content for the course pertains to the study of learning the ideas, concepts, knowledge and skills that will enable students to implement beneficial personal decision-making choices; to become wise, successful, and knowledgeable consumers, savers, investors, users of credit and money managers; and to be participating members of a global workforce and society.