When in Rome

Experience Ancient Rome

Like Never Before

What do they mean when in Rome?

Understand the Roman Economy and political and social structure of the Roman Republic.

This journey begins in a Pompeii theater just as Mt. Vesuvius is beginning to erupt. Students embark on an educational journey to learn more about:

  • Roman Republic Economy: Importance of trade and bartering
  • Roman Republic Political and Social Structure: Includes Consuls, Senate and Assembly

Students are then transported to a Roman marketplace to learn about the importance of trade and bartering. There, they complete an interactive activity where students use their critical thinking skills and knowledge of bartering to obtain a golden coin. Students are then directed to the palace to learn about the governmental structure of the Roman Republic. Students are introduced to figures like the consuls, Senate, and Concilium plebis and have to reconstruct the political system using IFXs and their 3D pen.

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