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Girl wearing VR headset making dinosaur IFX

Optima Academy Online is a Cognia accredited virtual instruction provider (VIP) that integrates virtual reality into the student experience. Our 3-9 state-standards compliant courses are offered Live and On-Demand to meet your students’ needs and completion timelines. We offer all core subject areas as well as select electives. The remaining high school courses, including upper-level science and math courses, will be completed in 2025. 

Career & Technical Education (CTE) offerings include our VR Content Editor Course, teaching students how to design, build, and publish their own VR experiences

Course Offerings

Career & Technical Education (CTE) Offerings

Girl wearing VR headset making dinosaur IFX

The Engage Platform’s Content Editor Course is an opportunity for middle and high school students to learn how to create Virtual Reality (VR) experiences without writing code. The course teaches students to use Engage’s user-friendly content editor to design, build, and publish their own VR experiences.

By mastering the art of VR development with Engage’s cutting-edge technology and expert instruction, students gain valuable skills & knowledge that can help them succeed in the growing field of virtual reality. The course is designed to be accessible and engaging, making it a great option for students who are interested in technology and creativity.

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