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Hardware &


Do you have VR hardware you are not optimally using, or would you like to acquire hardware to support VR experiences for your faculty and staff?

Explore our turn-key hardware and classroom management solutions that ensure the highest degree of safety for your faculty, your students, and their data.



Providing educators with enriching grade- and content-specific professional learning opportunities is the first step in the journey of leveraging the power of VR in the classroom. Our customized professional learning experiences will unlock new worlds of teaching and learning for your faculty and students.

Courses & CTE

Our Cognia accredited and Next Generation Science Standards aligned courses are offered both live and on-demand. Core subject areas and select electives are available for grades K-12. Courses completed through Canvas.

Courses are enriched with immersive Virtual Reality activities that help to bring concepts to life. Teachers are available for one-on-one support as needed. 

Virtual Reality

Field Trips

Optima Academy Online offers schools a  powerful way of helping students learn on an entirely new – and sometimes out-of-this-world – level, by providing experiences to help students better understand the subjects they are studying.  

Online Field Trips include Artemis Rocket Launch, When in Rome and more!

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