“Science is my favorite subject because I love learning about space and the solar system. Using Virtual Reality, we got to go to the Apollo 1 site in Cape Canaveral and do a live class!”

High School Student

“In VR, it’s easier to learn and stay engaged because you are interacting with real things. Using the headsets during class also gives me a break from sitting at the desk all day.”

8th Grade Student

VR is a tool that makes learning more fun. We go on awesome adventures, and you can actually touch and see everything up close. I learn so much without even realizing it!”

7th Grade Student

Hear From Educators

"I loved it! I know it's the way of the future."

Listen to a 4th Grade Science Teacher share her first Virtual Reality experience.

"The ease of use is really impressive."

Listen to Donald Fitz-Roy from Rye Country Day School share his thoughts about VR to engage and immerse students. 

Review the Research Affirming VR is an Educational Tool

NSU Florida

Meta, The Metaverse and Experiential Education. Learn about how Virtual Reality is enhancing education. 

Stanford University

Do Students Learn Better with Immersive Virtual Reality Videos than Conventional Videos? 

NSU Florida

Is Teaching in the Metaverse That Far Off? Lessons Learned from a Higher Education Case – The Qualitative Report 2023

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