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Optima Academy Online is dedicated to forging partnerships with school districts nationwide to catalyze student learning and teacher development. We’re anchored in research that affirms learning as a social, communal activity, and our easy-to-use platform empowers teachers to embark on enriching journeys WITH their students, unconstrained by time and distance.  

We have developed the most extensive immersive Web 3.0 educational content library in existence, and our platform provides teachers with a full range of classroom management tools to guide productive and efficient student learning experiences.  

Our goal is simple – we want to equip educators with the resources to excel in their craft and do what they do best – inspire the next generation.

How Does VR Enhance Education?

A study on Education Psychology Review shows

Virtual Reality (VR) can cause students to become more interested in the course material, leading to higher levels of engagement and better performance on long-term assessments of learning. Educators can use VR to prime student interest and attention levels leading to increased engagement with learning materials. 

A study on PwC shows

What takes two hours to learn in a traditional classroom lesson can be learned in only 30 minutes using VR. When you account for the extra time needed for first-time learners to review, be fitted for, and be taught to use the VR headset, VR learners still understood course material three times faster than classroom learners.

Invest in Computer Sciences Dual Credit

Optima Academy Online is now offering an online and self-paced Computer Science Discoveries course for dual credit at Mississippi State University!

This course gives students a comprehensive background of spatial computing and computer science, an introduction into VR and the Engage spatial computing platform, and teaches students to design, build and publish their own VR experiences.

There are over 180 companies currently building using Engage’s Content Editor, including 2023 fortune 500 companies such as Meta Platforms, Abbott Laboratories, Pfizer and 3M. Investing in this course gives your students an edge in competitive and growing fields.

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Hear From Our Immersive Learning Partners

VR is a tool that makes learning more fun. We go on awesome adventures, and you can actually touch and see everything up close. I learn so much without even realizing it!”

7th Grade Student

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