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Welcome to Optima Academy Online’s national course catalog page, where we have ‘hacked’ time and space—harnessing the power of virtual reality to deliver educational enrichment opportunities anywhere! Students can explore virtual classrooms, museums, and historical landmarks, bringing lessons to life in a way that textbooks simply can’t.

West Virginia Hope Scholarship Partnership

OAO is excited to partner with West Virginia’s ESA program, West Virginia Hope Scholarship, to bring affordable education solutions to your family. Scholarship funding can be applied to both field trips and courses.  Want to learn more about the process? Contact our admissions team at oao-admissions@optimaed.com.

Have questions about the West Virginia Hope Scholarship process or how to apply for the scholarship? Learn more at About Hope Scholarship (hopescholarshipwv.com)

OAO is Now Available in West Virginia!

Virtual Reality Field Trips

We offer a twelve-month subscription to our VR Field Trips. During these twelve months, you can spend as much time in our uniquely created Metaverse environments as you like. Each environment has its own theme, learning experiences and adventures. Plus, each adventure in our explorations is a single user experience, aside from our in-system learning guides, offering you top safety as you journey through. 

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On-Demand Student Paced Courses

Whether adding to your home learner program, supplementing your school schedule, looking for an online school alternative, or wanting to experience virtual reality in a safe, fun environment, Optima Academy Online has courses for you. Our On-Demand learning style allows students to complete course instruction on their own time, schedule and learning pace.

Ready to sign your child up for courses?  Discover all of Optima Academy Online’s offerings by viewing our Full Course List.

How to Pay

Direct Pay:
Courses: Reach out to our admissions team for pricing options for our courses at oao-info@optimaed.com
**Please allow 24-48 business hours for a response.**

Field Trips: Click here to pay.

West Virginia Hope Scholarship/State Funding Pay:
Field Trips: Login to EMA for direct pay.
Courses: Please see the steps below.

How to enroll in a course(s):

  1. Create an account through FACTS, our Student Information System.
  2. Complete Application through FACTS.
  3. An Enrollment Packet will be sent.  
  4. Register for Courses.
  5. Login to EMA for direct pay.
  6. Complete Orientation through Optima Academy Online
  7. Start courses at Optima Academy Online. 

We hope to see you in the Metaverse!

If you are not a scholarship recipient in West Virginia but are still interested in VR courses, please click here.

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