Optima Academy Online and Step Up for Students (SUFS) have partnered to offer scholars a unique learning experience in the Metaverse, blending community connection and virtual learning. Through Optima Academy Online’s distinctive learning environments, SUFS scholarship recipients gain access to both VR field trips and online courses.

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Getting Started

  1. Using your scholarship, you can purchase any of our products from the OptimaEd vendor list.
  2. If you already have a VR headset, you can click here to see if your hardware is compatible with our software.
  3. If you do not have a VR headset or are seeking to purchase a new one, you can buy one with a subscription. Please see vendor list for options.
  4. Once you purchase a product, our team will provide a welcome email with login credentials and next steps.  

What We Offer to SUFS Families

Explore the exciting opportunities we provide for families:

  • VR Explorations: Immerse yourself in virtual reality and embark on captivating adventures. From ancient civilizations to outer space, our VR explorations transport you to new worlds, fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity.
  • VR Courses: Engage in interactive and educational on demand  VR courses covering a diverse range of subjects. Dive deep into history, unravel scientific concepts, or delve into the intricacies of technology. Our VR courses offer a unique and immersive way to learn and expand knowledge.

Join us at Optima Academy Online and unlock the potential of virtual reality for education. Experience the thrill of exploration and the power of knowledge as you embark on unforgettable journeys, tailored for families in Florida seeking immersive and educational experiences.

VR Explorations

Optima Academy Online offers immersive Virtual Reality (VR) Explorations that allow your student to travel through space and time. These experiences are single-user, can be replayed, and are rotated monthly. Ten, including the Orientation Video, will be available at once.

Now available upon purchase: Teacher/ Parent Resource Guides by Grade – included with some of our newer VR Explorations.

Our Most Popular Field Trips

Whether adding to your home learner program, supplementing your school schedule, looking for an online school alternative or wanting to experience virtual reality in a safe, fun environment, Optima Academy Online has courses for you.

Artemis Launch Experience

The Artemis program is going to push the limits of space travel to establish a sustainable colony on the moon. These efforts set the stage for future explorations into deep space. Come with us and learn about the new chapter of human space travel. 

Power of Light

Life is dependent on a balance between photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Known as the short carbon cycle, this is the mechanism to transfer energy through a food chain. Join us to discover the complexities of energy transfer within an ecosystem. 

Vikings, Castles & Plagues Oh My!

This 45-minute virtual reality exploration will give students the chance to experience Medieval Europe in a way like never before. The journey will begin with a Viking invasion on the shores of early 9th-century England followed by a lesson in castle construction. Students will then be transported to the throne room of King John in 1215 where they will learn about the limits placed on royal authority before traveling to Runnymede for an opportunity to participate in the signing of the famous Magna Carta. Finally, the journey will end in a 14th century Medieval village where students will be offered the challenge of saving the community from the first wave of the deadly bubonic plague. 

Island Town

Explore all four islands on Island Town through this portal adventure. Explorers will seek out the portal to the next island through clues provided by the guide. Hours of fun can be had by further exploring the islands to figure out creative new ways to hop from one island to another using pirate ships, rocks and more.  

When in Rome

This virtual reality expedition will allow students to experience ancient Rome in a way like never before. The journey will begin with a visit to the Roman city of Pompeii in 79 AD just as Mt. Vesuvius is beginning erupt. Students will then be transported to a real Roman marketplace where they will learn about the importance of trade in the Roman economy while practicing their own bartering skills. Finally, the expedition will end on the topic of government during the period of the Roman Republic and will include a close encounter or two with some powerful people. 

The DaVinci Experience

This virtual reality expedition will allow students to experience the European Renaissance in a way like never before. The journey will begin with a self-guided exploratory space that introduces students to some of the scientific advancements, artwork, politics, and philosophy that defined the Renaissance period. From there, the spotlight turns to famous Italian polymath, Leonardo Da Vinci. Students will learn about some of his most legendary inventions before visiting his workshop in 15th century Florence, Italy. There, they will harness their inner Da Vinci to complete several exciting building challenges sure to strengthen their creativity and bring a smile to their face. The last leg of the journey takes students to a beautiful garden setting. In this immersive environment, they will learn a little about Renaissance art and then try their own hand at another of Da Vinci’s famous talents, painting. 

Ancient Egypt

A fun and interactive lesson that gives students the opportunity to experience firsthand one of the most fascinating parts of ancient Egyptian history: mummies. They will learn about the mummification process and help a kind, but unfortunate mummy who has lost his organs and needs wrapping. 

VR Courses

Optima Academy Online offers state-approved live (teacher led) and on-demand (self-paced) courses, and we are thrilled to extend this opportunity to scholarship recipients through SUFS. To explore the available courses and their descriptions, kindly visit the course listings and descriptions page HERE. 

How to enroll in a course(s):

  1. Create an account through FACTS, our Student Information System.
  2. Complete Application through FACTS.
  3. An Enrollment Packet will be sent.  
  4. Register for Courses.
  5. Login to EMA for direct pay.
  6. Complete Orientation through Optima Academy Online
  7. Start courses at Optima Academy Online. 

We hope to see you in the Metaverse!

If you are not a scholarship recipient in Florida but are still interested in VR courses, please click here

If you have any questions related to the enrollment of courses through Optima Academy Online, please email